Blackram Marauders
Blackram Marauders.jpg
Leader [[]]
Status Active
Base Blackram Narrows
Areas of Operation Viridian Coast
Enemies Bamboo Guard
Notable members Captain Gwon

Lieutenant Wungsam

Admiral Chul Mugo

Admiral Hae Mujin

Vice Admiral Poharan

The Blackram Marauders are an organized group of seafaring pirates. The Blackram are operate under several different Admirals commanding different Blackram fleets. Admiral Hae Mujin heads the Eastern Fleet while Admiral Chol Mugo heads the Southern Fleet.


The Blackram Marauders were founded by Admiral Chol Mugo, naming them after his flagship, the Black Ram. Rather than offering promotions and special treatment by blood or social standing, everyone within the Blackram are regarded by their merit and ability. They attract members through the dream of living freely outside societal rules.

The Blackram often work in smaller groups headed by Captains who have free reign over what they choose to do. Other than having to pay regular tribute to their Admirals, they are allowed to form alliances with other groups, spend what they take as they want, and recruit however and whoever they want.

Despite an overarching stress on unity, Blackram groups do not all get along. Captain Gwon's group was ridiculed for failing to take over the small, simple Bamboo Village, even losing Lieutenant Wungsam to some unknown hero. When Gwon ended up critically injured by Jinsoyun, they stole the local doctor's equipment to prevent him from being treated.


Located all over the world, the Blackram have centralized bases of operation.

The Blackram native to the Viridian Coast have bases at the Blackram South Anchor and a base in the Blackram Narrows off of Songshu Isle.

The Blackram native to the Moonwater Plains have bases at the E. Fleet Supply Chain and Bloodshade Harbor.


Outfit Name Acquisition
Costume 40014 JinM.png Blackram Uniform Subquest.png Opportunity of a Lifetime
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