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Campaignquest.png Beware the Snapjaw
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 15
Preceded by Plogging Along
Followed by The Highland Necropolis
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Rewards 29600 XP
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The Snapjaw Proving Grounds had drank deep on the blood and sweat of many warriors locked in primal combat. It was a place of immense significance to the Snapjaw tribe, used for rites of passage and in the selection of new leaders For the Snapjaw. who revere battle, the Proving Grounds were the nearest thing they would ever get to a temple.

It was therefore altogether appropriate that Chieftain Hammerjaw found himself there, breathing in the frenetic energy that hovered in the air. Not far in the distance. the sound of metal on metal rang out as young Snapjaw warriors tested their mettle against one another.

"You are troubled. Hammerjaw." Elder Clapjaw stated plainly. "Hmph. What of it?" Hammerjaw responded gruffly. "If you don't want to talk about it, it's fine," Clapjaw grumbled. "But you forget that I'm the one who has to deal with it if you get distracted and let a shambling corpse cave your head in."

Hammerjaw gave a grunt of dissatisfaction. "The dead are acting up again. He just won't stay dead." he said. "Doyung?" the Elder asked knowingly. Hammerjaw cracked his massive hammer against the ground and then heaved it up again before walking off in silence.

Elder Clapjaw ran his tongue against his bony lips. It was clear the humans haunted them still. Every day they had fought to contain the tainted monsters that humans had set loose upon the world. By contrast, the Snapjaw were respected even amongst the Beast Kin for their incorruptibility. Meanwhile, the humans sat in their grand cities, blissfully ignorant of their crimes.

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