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Skill icon summoner beckon.png
Recalls the Familiar

Deals [0.90] damage
Removes all status effects except Stun, Daze, Knockdown, Unconscious, Airborne, Grab, Phantom Grip, Grapple on the Familiar
Recalled Familiar stands by for next order
Penetrates Defense, Deflect

Range Area Cast Cooldown
30m Self Instant 3sec.


Beckon is a skill that is used for the Summoner to call the Familiar back to his side and stop his attempt to attack on the current target for a short while. It also deal minor damage on the small area around the summoner.

The called-back cat will also have its negative status effect cured, except for some special debuffs.

Beckon is triggered upon pressing Key Alphabet E 128.png button.

How to obtain

Requires Level 4

Trait Tree

  • By putting one training point in it, Beckon become a brief iframe skill, allowing the summoner to resist all attacks and status effects during the foxtail-waving animation.
  • Another point into it makes the skill resets the cooldown of Crouching Tiger , and allow Beckon to be used even when the Summoner is being CCed as an escape.
  • The third point can either make the skill either cause a 10m Knock Back (left branch), or a suction area of effect for a radius of 3 meter, along with 3s Knock Down (right branch).
  • By using the skill's special effect, Beckon will go off a 30s cooldown. Using the skill while being CCed will make the skill go through 60s cooldown. During the cooldown, the normal Beckon that only serves to call back the cat and purge debiff still works normally.


Beckon has many uses:

  • As a skill to call your cat away from harm's way.
  • As a skill to stop your cat's auto attack, which may trigger something troublesome, like a boss' counter.
  • As a debuff remover for your cat, no matter how high the stack is. However, not all poison/bleed/slow can be cured, such as Lifebloom poison in Sogun's Lament.
  • As a brief iframe but long-cooldown skill to make Summoner avoid a deadly attack.
  • As a cooldown reset for Crouching Tiger , which is useful when you want to do two consecutive taunt without cooldown.
  • As a suction skill, if you take the right branch. The area of effect is quite small, though. The mobs also get Knocked down.
  • As a self-rescue skill in PvP, when you are being CCed and vulnerable to deadly combo, in exchange for longer cooldown. The left branch that causes Knock Back is quite useful in this situation, knocking away melee classes.
  • As a tool to Knock Back your opponent from a buff area, like a Force Master in Divine Veil, another Summoner in Petal Storm.
  • As a stealth breaker, that is used during PvP against Assassin class. Only use Beckon like this when other effects are in cooldown.
  • As a joint attack along with Anklebiter or Suprise Gift to cause double Knock Down.