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Campaignquest.png Bark At The Moon
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 7
Preceded by Blood of the Wolf
Followed by Right Under Our Noses
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Rewards 27800 XP
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Many of the Beast Kin tribes of Moonwater Plains each held unique and varied faiths. The Lycandi worshipped the Mighty Lycan , a wolf-like Sacred Beast and protector whom they regard as their progenitor and motherly goddess. The Hoglin tribe, to the contrary, had no organized religion, but believed in pragmatism, introspection, and cycle of rebirth.

The Ploggles had a number of contradicting faiths, from the worship of a handful of esoteric, elemental gods, to a complex pantheon of sacred beings such as the Golden Giganura. The Simyu tribe did not worship so much as revere their king and renowned sacred beast, Ogong. Above all they pursued perfection of the physical form and sought to assert their dominance through combat. Finally, the Snapjaw faith had its roots in mysticism. They placed their faith in a handful of wizened Sages who guided them in matters both strategic and spiritual.

In ancient times, when the Dark Lord last attempted to cross over to the Earth Realm, humans and Beast Kin stood united against his terrible army. Likewise, for centuries thereafter, the Four Guardians and Sacred Beasts worked together to combat the armies of darkness.

But the Four Guardians were gone, and the Beast Kin had experienced continual disappointment in the actions of humans. With faith in humans waning, the Beast Kin began to wonder if they would be best suited abandoning humanity entirely.