Backstep (Kung Fu Master)

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Description[edit | edit source]

Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-0.png
Moves backward for 8m

Resists damage and status effects for 1.5 sec.

+50% Movement Speed for 4 sec.

Flying Kick: Triggers Buff Debuff Icon 04 48.png Wind Shear, Placeholder.png Howling Wind Shear effect for 2 sec. on Resist
Dragon Fist: Triggers Placeholder.png Volcano, Placeholder.png Raging Volcano effect for 3 sec. on Resist

Decreases Buff debuff icon 01 38.png Searing Palm's cooldown by 5 sec. on Resist
Range Area Cast Cooldown
Centered on Caster Target Instant 8 sec.

Skill icon kung fu master 1-1-0.png Backstep is a movement skill that increases distance between the player and target. The user resists damage and status effects for 1.5s and dashes backwards 8m. It can be used by pressing Key Alphabet S 128.png twice in rapid succession.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Required Level 25

Talents[edit | edit source]