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Azure Dragon
Kfm skill azure dragon.png
Able to use an additional Skill icon kung fu master 0-1-0.png Iron Shoulder, Kfm skill roundhouse.png Roundhouse combo during Wind Shear effect
Evasion +100%, Evasion stat +5,000, Movement Speed +30% during Wind Shear effect

+25 Movement Speed for 6 sec. on Resist
Triggers Wind Shear effect for 3 sec. on Resist
Resets Skill icon kung fu master 0-4-1.png Flying Slam's cooldown on Resist


Kfm skill azure dragon.png Azure Dragon is the Flying Kick Passive for KFMs. It enables the Wind Shear effect at the core of Flying Kick gameplay, as well as giving Speed and resetting Skill icon kung fu master 0-4-1.png Flying Slam CD on Resist.

How to obtain[]

Required Level 55 Flying Kick