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Isn't this... the Hongmoon Clan uniform?
~ Old Man

Awakenings is the 1st chapter of Prologue: Paradise Lost in Blade & Soul. The game introduces the player and their mysterious origin story, while also introducing the mysterious Hongmooon Clan.

Campaignquest.png Awakenings
Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 0, Chapter 1
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Followed by Morning Time at Heaven's Reach
Given by Jinyung
Starts in Heaven's Reach
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Ends in Heaven's Reach
Turn in to Gilhong
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Rewards 1 Costume startzone jeja.png Hongmoon Uniform
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The Bamboo Guardsman arrived inn the dead of night, rousing Captain Dochun from his slumber. There was a report of a rising column of flame spotted in the south sea, perhaps an hour or two out from shore. Judging from the panic on the young guard's face, Dochun expected news of a Blackram Marauder attack. Were the Blackram up to their old tricks? Or was some entirely new crisis erupting in the south sea? The guard described the area quite specifically. It was near Heaven's Reach, the home of Dochun's old master. That is why Dochun insisted on investigating the area himself, and on going alone.

Twenty-five long years ago, Dochun had left Heaven's Reach. Despite Master Hong's pleadings, he left to become a soldier. He could not sit idly by as the world burned.

Dochun arrived at the water below Heaven's Reach, and he could scarcely believe his eyes. His master's home was engulfed in flames, with fiery debris falling like rain. What had happened?


  1. Speak with Jinyung
  2. Pick up your uniform with the Key Alphabet F 128.png key
  3. Open the inventory using the Key Alphabet I 128.png key and put on your uniform
  4. Speak with Jinyung
  5. Follow Jinyung
  6. Wake up Gilhong
  7. Speak with Gilhong


Dark Beginnings[]

The first introductory cutscene will play, taking place somewhere out in the ocean on a cold, rainy night. In the distance, an island is engulfed in flames, while an old man rows his small boat towards it.

Old Man: What the...?

As the old man approaches the island, a blue beacon of light shines ahead of him. He rows toward it, only to find someone unconscious lying out in the ocean. Bringing him on the boat, he recognizes who this might be.

Old Man: Isn't this... the Hongmoon Clan uniform?

Knowing the uniform they wear, he looks back on the burning island and connects the disaster to what happened to the survivor, and attempts to wake up them up to no avail.

Old Man: Hey, can... can you hear me? Hey. Hey!

Rise and Shine[]

Another cutscene will follow, serving as a flashback that takes place on Heaven's Reach 1 day prior to the incident. A young woman's voice is heard, beckoning the player to wake up. The young woman becomes frustrated with the player as they struggle to wake up.

Heaven's Reach, 1 Day Ago
Young Woman: Hey. Wake up, Cricket. Lazy bum. It's way past sunrise! You need to get up! Get up! What am I, your mother?
Player: *bolts awake*

When the cutscene ends, the player will be introduced to Sister Jinyung, the young woman who woke up the player, as well as a fellow student of the Hongmoon Clan.

Jinyung: Cricket? You're still in bed? That's not like you. Hurry and get dressed! Master Hong has called a meeting!
Player: Where is my uniform?
Jinyung: Why are you asking me? You need to get moving! Use the Key Alphabet W 128.png Key Alphabet A 128.png Key Alphabet S 128.png Key Alphabet D 128.png keys to get your uniform. You can look around for it by using the mouse. Pressing the Key Esc 128.png key or holding down the Key Alt Big 128.png key makes the cursor appear. You should be ready for morning training, Cricket. Are you still asleep? Come on, rise and shine! I think your uniform is the one on the dresser. Use the Key Alphabet W 128.png Key Alphabet A 128.png Key Alphabet S 128.png Key Alphabet D 128.png keys to go get it. Remember, you can hold the Key Alt Big 128.png key to use the cursor.

After speaking with Jinyung, pick up the Hongmooon Uniform across from you on the dresser and pick it up. When received, you will need to put it on. Access your inventory by pressing the Key Alphabet I 128.png key and right-click on the Hongmoon Uniform to equip it. Once dressed, speak to Jinyung.

Jinyung: Let's go make sure Gilhong is up. He's always the last out of bed!
Player: *still half-asleep*
Jinyung: Cricket? Hello? You're still not awake? Well, if you missed some of what I said, click Key Alphabet J 128.png to open your Quest Journal.

Jinyung will ask you to accompany her and help wake Brother Gilhong up, another Hongmoon Clan student. Optionally, you can click on Key Alphabet J 128.png as prompted to open the Quest Journal to get a feel of where objectives are stored. Follow Jinyung to Gilhong's sleeping quarters, which is found just next door of the player's sleeping quarters. Walk inside and press Key Alphabet F 128.png on Gilhong to wake him up.

Gilhong: *yawning* The sun's up and so am I! We should spar again today, Cricket. I almost had you yesterday.
Player: You did really well.
Gilhong: Well, one of these days I'm gonna win. No one can stop Gilhong!

Gilhong will tell the player that they'll beat them again in their next sparring match, with the player complementing Gilhong's sparring skills from their previous match.


  • Gilhong gives insight into the type of training and learning taught by the Hongmoon Clan does when he mentions "sparring."