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Dark energy has overtaken the Highland Necropolis. Help retake the Necropolis and halt the corruption.

Skipping Trash Mobs[]

It is a common practice to wall climb up the wall on the right at the start of the dungeon. There are two platforms on the wall from which players can glide to the area of the first boss, thereby skipping the mobs at the start of the map.

Boss #1: Profane Jiangshi[]

Along with his basic attacks, the Profane Jiangshi will do a variety of rectangle and circular AOEs typical to bosses in BNS. They are unimportant and can be blocked or evaded much like any other boss. The Profane Jiangshi will also summon small mobs of undead occasionally, but they can be dealt with easily.

The main combination of attacks to be wary about is the Profane Jiangshi's conical grab, followed by a rapid red AOE attack (Devastating Attack) The conical grab will drag party members to the Jiangshi and a black circle will appear around each grabbed member as if they were Phantom Gripped.In response to the AOE, players must either i-frame the aoe right after the grab or cc the boss right after the grab.

Capturing the Camps[]

Three camps must be captured in order to proceed to the final boss. They are the Snapjaw camp, the Bloodscale camp, and the Soul Ward camp. Each camp follows a similar pattern. A boss (Pyrelord), surrounded by mobs, sits in the unactivated capture circle. That boss, once defeated, allows for the camp to be captured. The boss employs the same circle AOEs and basic attacks of other bosses at close range but will use a powerful Phantom Grip if the player is outside of the capturing circle. Care must be taken to avoid this powerful grab and it is suggested that players stay in the circle when capturing. Care must be taken to avoid the bosses' circle aoe as it will knock players out of the capturing circle, leading to the powerful Phantom Grip attack.

After the boss has been defeated, three Snapjaw Shamans will appear to restore the Demon Seal at the camp. Various friendly NPCs will also come to help defend as several waves of Phantoms and fiends will attempt to destroy the Demonsealing Core created by the Shamans after the camp is captured. Protect the cores and the shamans to proceed to the final boss, once all three cores are activated. Prioritize the dogs, Flying Fiends, and Hulking Fiends when defending as they do the most damage.

There are several ways to send party members to the camps, a couple of which are listed as follows:
  • In the 6-man version, 2 people may be sent to each camp, with the 2 strongest going to the Snapjaw camp in order to capture the camp and defeat the Corrupted Lycan (decently geared and experienced).
  • In the 6-man version, 6 people may first defeat Lycan, before splitting off to send 2 people to each camp (undergeared and inexperienced).

Optional Boss: Corrupted Lycan the Mighty[]

Lycan spawns near the Bloodscale camp and will circle in a counterclockwise circle, first past the Snapjaw camp, and then past the Soul Ward camp.

This boss shares the moveset of the normal Lycan the Mighty, and is typically defeated to fulfill the quest Wandering Shadow.The fight is relatively simple; all of Lycan's devastating attacks are highly telegraphed (Lycan will spend a good 1-2 seconds tensing before delivering the attack) and can be stopped with a combination attack (cc the boss). Take care not to kite Lycan too far; if the player holding aggro on Lycan the Mighty is too far, Lycan will deliver a powerful targeted electric attack that will stun the target player while dealing heavy damage.

Final Boss: Scorpion Queen[]

The Scorpion Queen will do AOEs like any other boss, all of which may be blocked or evaded. Her most noteworthy attack (excluding her infamous Nightmare Waves) is a pouncing attack, where she attempts to jump onto one person. If melee, beware the area around the Queen when she pulls up after executing the attack; her becoming upright again is another attack. After about 45-50 seconds or so, the Scorpion Queen will leap to the middle of the room where she will execute 6 devastating attacks (Nightmare Waves).

The scorpions that spawn during the fight provide a buff that briefly negates the waves for anyone near the scorpion when it dies (green power burst gives a buff). The first two waves are quick; there is a brief delay before the third one before a rapid fourth one and slow fifth one. Failing the scorpion method (they are prone to dying in the AOE of the fight) the waves can be i-framed.

  • This boss is relatively simple. Buy two dragonbloods, DPS the boss, and consume dragonblood if i-framing the Nightmare Waves fails and death occurs.
  • Silverfrost Revival Charms may also be used.