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The Astromancer calls upon the powers of the stars as well as the heavens, delivering devastating combos that lay waste to enemies. A true Astromancer balances the powers of the cosmos as well as the electrifying powers of the storms to defeat their foes.

Able to twist the very fabric of space, the Astromancer can change their form to move around the battlefield and better position to deliver maxium lethality. Whether with lightning fast combos, or destructive abilities, the Astromancer controls combat like no other.

The Astromancer can focus on one of two specializations, that of the Starcaster or the Stormweaver. The Starcaster focuses their talents on cosmic level abilities such as metor rain and blackholes, whereas the Stromweaver delivers spinning lighting disks, bouncing lightning balls, and rapid fire attacks to devastate their opponents.

~ Official Class Description
3.5/5, Hard

Astromancer (also known as Sky Seer in other regions) is the lyn-only class and thirteenth class to be added in Blade & Soul.

The Astromancer class is designed for long-range combat, with the most area of effect damage dealer skill and fast combo skill that players can adopt to make the powerful damage to monsters.

The main weapon for the Astromancer is an Orb. And they have two specializations for their skill, the "Way of the Starcaster" and the "Way of the Stormweaver".

Playing style[]

The Astromancer is an incredibly mobile class that focuses on long range damage in high bursts, and consistent damage per second. The class uses various buffs to ensure maximum damage, including a +20% Mystic damage buff (Polarity) for the Astromancer's party members. The Astromancer also utilizes unique skill combinations that inflict debuffs and crowd control effects on the target, making this an ideal class for Joint Attacks in PvE and strategic dueling in PvP.

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