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Campaignquest.png A Village Under Siege
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 2
Preceded by The Road to Darkness
Followed by A Crossing of Paths
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Rewards 76400 XP
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The bright and shining promise of the Talus Dominion had lost much of its luster. The rebuilding of the capital, along with the construction of the alter for the Divine Mandate Ritual, reduced the citizens to expendable cogs in a grand machine. Taxes were astronomically high; forced labor was all too common; punishment was swift and severe. Merchants brave enough to speak out against unfair economic policies were "dealt with," while scholars chose seclusion over the perils and corruption of the Royal Court. Given the depths of this oppression, the rise of an organization like the Lumang Syndicate was hardly surprising.

Most early members of the Lumang Syndicate were half-starved peasants. But when Yunsang seized the reins of leadership, the ragtag band was joined by mid-level bureaucrats, scholars, mercenaries, and even former generals in the Stratus Army. Expanding rapidly, the Syndicate staged sophisticated raids against Talus Government outposts, Corrupt nobility, and similar targets who oppressed the citizenry. And while their methods were brutal, the people rallied to them. After all, Yunsang had always maintained that he would lay down his weapons once injustices were addressed and the common citizen had a voice in Talus politics. "We will endure" was Yunsang's common refrain at Lumang rallies. "We will endure until peace is achieved."


  1. Use the Dragon Pulse opened by Yura
  2. Speak with Talus Guard Captain Jan Wong
  3. Destroy the cannons and defeat Ji Daegong and his men
  4. Defeat the Lumang attacking Jan Wong and speak to him.
  5. Transfer Chi to the collapsed Talus Army Soldiers.
  6. Help defeat the Lumang
  7. Charge forward to the end of the square
  8. Follow Jan Wong as he rescues villagers
  9. Speak to the Injured Talus Beacon Guard
  10. Get a torch and light the Talus Army Beacon
  11. Defeat Godem the Fist
  12. Defeat Yunsang
  13. Speak with Zaiwei Guard Captain Yu Chun
  14. Speak with Zaiwei Guard Captain Yu Chun
  15. Speak with Grand Harvest Mayor Ipyong