A Link to the Past and Present

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Campaignquest.png A Link to the Past and Present
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 2
Preceded by The Fall of Brightstone Village
Followed by The Great Escape
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Rewards 13500 XP
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Throughout his childhood, Ilsim was bullied for being both a bastard child and an orphan. But Ilsim was not truly fatherless, for Mayor Taywo had always been there for him.

When the other children teased Ilsim, it was Taywo who chased them away. When Ilsim was sad, Taywo held the boy tight. As Ilsim grew, he began to see in Mayor Taywo everything he wanted to be-a strong Lyn who protected his people, who fought for them against the tyranny of the indomitable Talus Dominion.

Yet despite Ilsim's noble aims, he harbored a deep resentment for the man he held responsible for the occupation of Brightstone, and the death of his mother. The one called Iksanun.

Objectives[edit | edit source]