A Knife in the Dark

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Campaignquest.png A Knife in the Dark
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 3, Chapter 25
Preceded by Promises
Followed by A Road to All Things
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Rewards 16700 XP
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"Who else has seen this report?" Doyuhan asked. Ugum crossed his arms. "Just you, me, and the scout who intercepted those orders."

The Talus were urgently searching for their princess. That meant that she had traveled outside the capital, far from the safety of Zaiwei and the royal guard. The Skyhaven had never had the opportunity to deal such a blow to the Dominion. If they could only capture her, their resistance would finally have real leverage over their enemy. What price would the Emperor be willing to pay for the safe return of his daughter? Would he be willing to go so far as to abdicate the throne? Of course, it could be a trap. If the information was false, many Skyhaven operatives would forfeit their lives.

Doyuhan stood in silence for several minutes, thinking. "We must learn more before we act," he finally said. "I want you to investigate this, quietly. Take only your most trusted men. And report only to me."

Objectives[edit | edit source]