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Campaignquest.png A Crossing of Paths
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Type Campaign
Daily No
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Act Act 4, Chapter 3
Preceded by A Village Under Siege
Followed by Forcing the Enforcer
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Rewards 44000 XP
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Jiwan the Righteous Blade was aghast as she took in the scene. Her pupil, Jinsoyun, lay bruised and shaking, surrounded by a small army of military officers. These Officers, in turn, were all on the ground, writhing in agony. And at least one of the men's arms was bent at an odd angle.

Jiwan had warned Jinsoyun not to interfere with the mundane workings of the world. Mere government corruption? it was a far cry from the true danger Jiwan was preparing her apprentice for. Jiwan ordered Jinsoyun to apologize for her behavior, which the younger woman did only reluctantly. Then Jiwan inquired as to the cause of the fight. At the heart of the matter was a 12-year-old boy called Yunsang, a slave who had run away from his master, Judge Jin. Jinsoyun had seen something of herself in the boy, and when the officers seized Yunsang, Jinsoyun lashed out in anger. None of the officers had known that Jinsoyun was the apprentice of Jiwan, the legendary Guardian. None of them, save perhaps the judge who gave them the execution orders, could have anticipated her skill or savagery.

As the men hauled a screaming Yunsang away and Jinsoyun bristled with outrage, Jiwan perceived a tendril of Dark Chi slowly rise from her apprentice's body. "Come, Jinsoyun. Now." The tone in Jiwan's voice was unmistakable. Jiwan had seen this dark energy from Jinsoyun twice before, and it troubled her deeply. The trace of Dark Chi faded and passed as Jinsoyun turned to follow her master. However, just as quickly, Jinsoyun instead sank into unconsciousness and fell to the ground. She heard the dim echo of her master's cries as she slipped into darkness.


  1. Leave the Talus office
  2. Speak with Daljen
  3. Go to Granny's Inn to find information on the Zaiwei blockade
  4. Speak with Juwol
  5. Ask Granny about Yusang
  6. Speak with Daljen
  7. Speak to Ipyong